Process Design Services

The design services provided by EEC include the following:

  • Process design: EEC’s roots are based in process design and we have provided comprehensive process design services to chemical and allied industries since 1969. These services range from the design of plants from the ground up, to expansion and modernization of existing plants, to the design of cooling, chilling, and heating systems or unit operations such as distillation, filtration, etc.
  • Design of pollution control systems: EEC personnel have extensive experience in the design of pollution control systems. As early as 1970, EEC had developed continuous and semi-continuous processes for removal of mercury compounds from waste streams. We design systems to control volatile organic compounds (VOC) and particulate emissions from manufacturing processes and soil/ground water remediation systems. We designed a combination biofilteration and carbon adsorption system to replace a gas-fired thermal oxidizer at a paint manufacturing facility. The cost of the unit was recovered within two years from the savings in operating costs. We also design cost-effective treatment systems for wastewater containing VOC, metals, oils and greases, and other pollutants. In addition, we have significant experience in designing innovative systems for recycling hazardous waste from manufacturing processes.


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